New Delhi, December 26: A pumping coin in your crypto holdings is the best new year gift you can give yourself. Hence, you must find cryptocurrencies with a high tendency to experience a price surge between now and the coming year's third quarter.

Consider both the long and short-term prospects of these cryptocurrencies when making your Christmas crypto purchase. This will help you make smart decisions. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), ThorChain (RUNE), and Hedera (HBAR) are altcoins that could experience price pumps months from now, and reviewing them could be a worthy endeavour. Crypto Investors Alert! RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das Says Private Cryptos Will Trigger Next Financial Crisis if Allowed To Grow.

ThorChain - A Leading Decentralized Exchange

Thorchain is a DeFi protocol with over a hundred million dollars in Total Locked Value. The platform functions as a decentralized exchange (DEX), where users can exchange their crypto assets seamlessly across different networks. It is cost-effective, swift, and secure. It is one of the few liquidity protocols that ensures liquidity providers are at low risk of impermanent loss.

The decentralized liquidity protocol makes liquidity provision seamless and highly rewarding. ThorChain's native token, RUNE, oversees utility and governance on the platform. The token holders have governance rights and can make decisions concerning ThorChain. RUNE is used to pay for transactions, and it contributes towards the platform's security.

The crypto asset benefitted from the last bull rally, reaching a new high from its initial low in less than a year. However, ThorChain (RUNE) has been unable to maintain that momentum in the current year. The crypto asset has suffered a price dump, but analysts believe the declined price is a good point of purchase for a potential high-margin profit in 2023.

Hedera - A Haven For dApp Developers

Hedera is a decentralized enterprise-grade platform with dApp building and smart contract utilities. The highly scalable protocol also boasts NFTs and storage utility while providing consensus services. It is a public blockchain adored by most dApp developers due to its high efficiency, swiftness, and cost-effectiveness.

Users need the Hedera token (HBAR) to complete every activity or transaction on the blockchain. It is under USD 1 with a USD 1+ billion market capitalization at the time of writing. The cryptocurrency's low price could be a good purchase point in hopes of rallying beyond USD 1 in months.

Big Eyes Coin - More Than Just Another Meme Token

Big Eyes Coin is one of the cryptocurrencies analysts have tipped to help most crypto enthusiasts recover their losses in the current trading year. The new meme coin has a high-profit potential, and it won't be surprising if it experiences an unprecedented price surge like Shiba Inu (SHIB) did the previous year. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has meme hype and strong utility, which can help it achieve this. The new cryptocurrency is fast gaining prominence and may become a top crypto asset within a few years.

Big Eyes' main utility will be in DeFi, with additional applications in the NFTs market. The meme coin will facilitate DeFi's wealth increase through increased adoption and accessibility. It will have its unique set of valuable non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Holders of each NFT have exclusive access to limited NFTs events and content. The NFTs are a store of value and they are billed to be among the top 10 market projects in a short while. Polkadot, Big Eyes Coin, and THORChain: Three High-Growth Cryptocurrencies Worth Buying Into 2022.

The project developers ensure every feature in the ecosystem is aimed at wealth creation for users or improving the project's prominence. Big Eyes Coin will also give back to society through charity intervention. The ecosystem runs a no buy or sell tax policy, making it more attractive to users irrespective of their financial status. Big Eyes token will facilitate transactions and trading payments. It will undergo a constant auto-burn function to create scarcity, thereby maintaining its value.

Big Eyes Coin is a safe and secure project that has gone through necessary security checks and audits, making it a safe project for crypto investors to adopt. The cat-theme token is still on presale, and joining the presale now could be a profit-yielding decision. If you want 5 per cent bonus tokens with your Big Eyes Coin purchase, use the 'Ocean651' code at the checkout!

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