New Delhi [India], May 4 (ANI/GPRC): The handloom industry is one of the ancient and richest part of our history. Showing a very extraordinarily creative side of mankind, the industry is an established part of social and economic development. Although many cheaper products are available in the market, the value of the handloom industry is rooted deep inside the history and goes on to date. Cheaper and quickly produced products are usually preferred in the market but the rich and natural products are much more valuable than anything else. However, the place of the handloom industry seems to be forgotten which is a serious concern.

Taking the initiative towards supporting the rights and smooth running of the sector maintaining the absolutely rich quality fabrics, designs, and authentic heritage of the handloom industry, SAVEHANDLOOM.ORG has started, which was formerly known as DMZ International. The brand is actively producing the best handloom products secured with beautiful contemporary and traditional designs, all in quality fabrics thatare completely eco-friendly. As a symbol of quality, elegance, and purity, is globally recognized and appreciated for authentic and high-quality handloom products.

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The founder of, Nishanth Muraleedharan says "The ultimate motto is to assist artisans and weavers to establish their handloom market into the mainstream society. The company also focuses on the importance of online presence for handloom products as social media serves as the best platform for the widespread reach of anything. The company aims for the best and hopes that the handloom products reach every part of the world and make a place even in the millennial's wardrobe. Also, we want to see the rich culture and heritage of the country protected and utilized in a good way ensuring widespread popularity of our culture and talent under the "Make in India" initiative. We also aim for a better lifestyle for weavers and artisans who are gifted with such talent and double the employabilities of the people.

The products are not only premium but the materials used are also taken from GI-certified places and the brand offers a 1-year warranty upon every product for assurance against any defects. Products are made from non-carcinogenic dyes which do not leave any harmful effects on our health and environment. Quality testing is taken very seriously in the brand and all the sales and sources are verified before putting any product available for selling. The main motto is customer satisfaction, keeping up with authenticity and rich heritage, and verified testing procedures, is known for its uniqueness served with surety in the market

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Through the trust initiative named "SAVEHANDLOOM.ORG", the brand is working hard toward identifying and utilizing the potential of the handloom industry. Through the organization, they keep up with areas that need attention and aid in every possible way, nurturing and reviving the importance of the handloom sector. Also giving attention to the different processes involved, the company is bringing necessary changes in design intervention, skill upgradation, technical support, introducing reformation in required areas, the company is also putting efforts to provide the workers a healthy working environment and inspiring the youth to join the industry.

The company is involved with many corporations where they ensure continuous workflow for the workers and entrusting to develop a fair-trade business securing the dignity of the traditional and cultural heritage. The company believes in a healthy relationship with the corporate sector, identifying the potential resources, and filling the gaps in every possible way.

A small effort turns into the brightest opportunity and a revolution in the handloom industry is not too far. With collective efforts from the private and government institutions, the industry is in the process of getting highlighted again. The rich and authentic heritage of India is secured with all the efforts of the people.

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