New Delhi [India], April 18: Before we answer why you need travel insurance for your next UK trip we should answer if you must have it or not. No, it is not mandatory to have travel insurance to visit the UK. However, in case you are applying for a VISA for a longer stay, you have to check if medical or travel insurance is part of the pre-travel checklist or the application.

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With that out of the way, we can concentrate on the main topic. Many do not feel the need for travel insurance for a UK trip and prefer to save on the insurance and spend it on the trip itself. However, this can go wrong in multiple ways.

We can assume that you are making this trip to have a fun time where you rest and recharge. This is a highlight of the year for you, filled with various types of relaxation and most importantly, devoid of any kind of stress. While it is not mandatory, travel insurance for UK trip can play a very crucial part in making your trip a more relaxing experience.

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Advantages of Having Travel Insurance for Your UK Trip Let us jump straight into the reasons/benefits of having travel insurance for your next UK trip.

* Health Risk Cover It is fairly common for people to fall ill before and during big events. It can be due to various reasons such as physical injury or any untimely medical restrictions. If you want what comes next in this major health risk scenario to be a breeze, you can opt for travel insurance that will cover your medical expenses during the trip.

If you are a student, more good news to you: This insurance will reimburse you for a visit by any one of your family members to support and help you during the rough times. So, taking travel insurance can be wise as it will allow you to be brave and bold during the trip without worry.

* Trip/Flight Cancellation/Disruption Cover Whether due to a man-made disaster, the carrier's fault, or a natural calamity, flight cancellations are one of the most common inconveniences that can occur to you. However, if you want 100% money back on your flight expenses, it can only be done with travel insurance.

There are various reasons why you might have to cancel the trip after you have booked the flights. Why lose a portion of the money when you can get it all back? A travel insurance policy covers all the expenses that may arise due to the delay or cancellation of a flight.

* Loss of Belongings This is one of the worst-case scenarios. If you lose your baggage, damage it in any unpredictable way, or misplace it, you can get fair compensation if you have sorted your travel insurance. For your lost or misplaced baggage, your insurer will compensate you up to the policy amount.

The compensation does not only concern the baggage but also any important document that gets lost along with it. The expenses to acquire it again, personal effects due to delays acquiring it, and more can be covered by the travel insurance.

* Loss of Money Be it incidents like theft or losing your money, debit and credit cards in any other unpredictable way is always a possibility. It is more problematic if it happens during your trip to the UK.

As you are not familiar with the people around there and have no close kin to seek financial help, travel insurance can lend a hand. Within 12 hours of filing a complaint, you can receive a reimbursement for your loss.

* Emergency Evacuation for Medical Purposes In some cases, getting ill or injured in a foreign land can necessitate quick transference to his/her home country. In these scenarios, travel insurance can cover the emergency travel expense.

If you are accidentally injured in the UK, the insurer would also bear the transportation expenses needed to move you from the accident site to the nearest hospital.

How to Pick Travel Insurance for Your UK Trip? Picking up travel insurance is not an easy task. You have to look for certain things while choosing good travel insurance for your trip. Here is a list of crucial things to look for:

* Coverage You have to make sure that this insurance policy covers your travel to the UK. You should cover all the other places you plan on visiting if you are choosing an annual policy.

* CostYou do not need to pay more to have good travel insurance. However, you must ensure that you are getting the right coverage with a provider that you trust. So, you can spend a little more if you have to.

* Trip Length In case you are opting for a single-trip policy, it has to cover the entire trip in the UK.

What Your Insurance Policy Should Cover for the UK Trip? Your travel insurance for your next UK trip would be perfect if it covers the following things:

* Medical costs while you are in the UK.

* Trip cancellation due to any reason including an emergency at home, serious illness, suffering a bereavement, injury, etc.

* Sports and activities if you are planning to engage in risky activities on the trip such as adventure sports.

* Theft, loss, or damage to your belongings.

* Cutting your trip short due to any reasons such as a sudden medical emergency of someone in your family.

* Personal liability covers scenarios when you have injured someone or have damaged their belongings.

What are Some of the Benefits That a Travel Insurance Policy can Offer? Now that you know how insurance coverage can protect you and safeguard your holidays, let us take a look at some other benefits you can avail of by buying travel insurance online.

* Cashless Travel Insurance Plan It takes all your stress about hefty medical expenses during your stay in the UK. Many insurers can provide you with excellent coverage with cashless medical services at their network hospitals.

* OPD Treatment It can take care of your smaller medical issues too, as they can pose a bigger threat during the trip. The insurance will reimburse the consultation, test, and treatment related to outpatient procedures.

* Compensation for Flight/Baggage Delays If you have fixed timelines or have prepaid bookings, flight or baggage delays can cause financial loss. Travel insurance can compensate you in such inconvenient situations.

* Visa Policies In some countries, having travel insurance is mandatory for visitors. Having the best travel insurance policy with you will help you enter the country.

* Customisable Coverage Many insurance providers let you choose what you want to cover with the policy. With this facility, you do not have to pay for things that you do not need. This lets you save a lot of money.

* Home Insurance While Abroad During your time abroad, there can be theft at your home. Travel insurance plans can include home insurance to protect you financially.

Final Words

You should be more informed about selecting travel insurance for a UK trip. We have covered all the key aspects, such as coverage, health insurance, inclusions, etc. With this information, you should feel prepared to choose a policy and focus on planning the rest of your journey.

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