DGCA Grounds Vistara Airlines Pilot for Not Carrying Enough Fuel in Aircraft
Vistara airlines (Photo credits: Facebook/Sarabha Saaluvesh K)

New Delhi, July 16: Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Tuesday grounded a pilot of Vistara Airlines for not carrying enough fuel in the aircraft.The matter was reported to DGCA on July 15. "Flight UK944 operating Mumbai-Delhi on 15 July 2019 initiated a diversion to Lucknow due to bad weather over Delhi. DGCA Grounds More Than 20 Pilots in July Over Aircraft Related Incidents and Violation of Norms.

However, over Lucknow, the visibility suddenly dropped and a safe landing was not possible. The crew then considered alternative airfields, including Kanpur and Prayagraj to land in comparatively better weather condition," Vistara spokesperson said.

"Enroute Prayagraj, Lucknow ATC then informed the crew that the weather in Lucknow had improved significantly following which the crew decided to return to Lucknow due to better passenger and aircraft support there. Cabin Crew, Three Pilots Suspended By DGCA for Violating Safety Norms.

The unexpected drop in visibility at the destination alternate was the main reason why the aircraft ended up in a low-fuel situation despite carrying excess fuel over and above the required Flight Plan Fuel as per regulations. Safety of passengers and crew was kept at the highest priority throughout the flight," airlines added.On the above incident, DGCA has started investigation.

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