Washington [US], April 17 (ANI): In the latest episode of 'American Idol,' viewers were treated to an unexpected moment when pop star and judge Katy Perry encountered a wardrobe malfunction.

As she was giving her thoughts on the singers, Katy's fancy top suddenly broke, almost showing "more than" it should to everyone watching on TV.

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Katy was wearing a special silver top designed by Kate Barton, as per Page Six. It had a cool shark design but unfortunately, it didn't hold up well.

Luckily, Katy stayed calm while the crew hurried to help her. They used different tools to try and fix her top, which was a funny sight.

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"I need my top to stay on!" Katy said in the video shared on her Instagram handle.


Another judge, Luke Bryan, tried to help by bringing scissors, but it didn't work out as planned.

Despite the mishap, Katy kept her spirits up and even joked around with the other judges and contestants.

She made fun comments about the songs and even used a pillow to cover up, keeping things fun and friendly.

People on social media couldn't stop talking about Katy's wardrobe malfunction. They shared memes and comments, finding humour in the unexpected moment.

When asked about it later, Katy didn't seem bothered. She called it just an "interesting moment" happened to her on live TV. (ANI)

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