Bigg Boss OTT fame contestant Uorfi Javed has never been low-key discussing her private life. On Monday, she opened up about getting lip fillers since she was 18. She also shared pictures showing how the surgeries had gone wrong several times. "Sharing with you all my lip filler journey. I’ve been getting lip fillers since the age of 18, I didn’t have that much money back then but I always felt my lips were too thin and I wanted bigger fuller lips. I went to dermat deni we’re ready to do it for less and these were the results at times! I had to get them dissolved and mind it it’s the most painful thing ever," she wrote. Uorfi Javed Hits Back at Stranger Who Said She is Ruining Image of India, Says 'Aapke Baap Ka…' (Watch Video).

On a closing note, she urged everyone to do proper research before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. "I’m not telling people to not get them but In fact what I’m trying to say is just be careful while getting fillers or Botox. I still very much have lip fillers just that I know what suits my face and I know now less is more. Uorfi Javed Extends Support to Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Estranged Ex-Wife Aaliya - Here's Why.

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Encouraging everyone to thoroughly research before going to any doctor. I actually recommend fillers to everyone, if you have some insecurities about your face or body instead of hating yourself or your face it’s just better to opt for fillers or surgeries but but but from a very good doctor only," she wrote.

The post garnered lots of reactions. Many applauded Uorfi  for being honest.

"Candid personality," a social media user commented.

"You have guts," another one wrote.

Recently, Uorfi opened up about getting undereye fillers after facing constant trolling for her dark circles.