New Delhi, October 20: It is that time of the year again! If the beautifully lit oil lamps and lanterns bring hope and positivity, the vibrant and intricate rangoli patterns liven up the festive fervour. Just seeing a rangoli filled with different colours enhances the vibe of 'Diwali' and makes us realize that happy times are just around the corner. Talking about rangoli, a woman in Delhi has created a massive buzz online. Muskan Rajput, a resident of New Delhi, used string art to make rangoli. Quick Diwali 2022 Rangoli Designs With Marigold Flowers and Swastik Kolam Designs With Dots To Decorate Your House for Shubh Deepawali (Watch Videos).

In the video, she could be seen painting a circular wooden piece black after which she creates a floral mandala-style pattern on it. She then uses nails to evenly space them across the board in the following step. After she's finished, the woman adds colourful threads to a string-like motif to finish her Rangoli.

It took Muskan two days to finish the beautiful rangoli.

She wrote, "In the chilling rain of Delhi, it took me two days to complete this one. For a long time, I was in search of something extravagant for this Diwali and I'm convinced this string art is just perfect for that. Your Diwali is going to be a little extra this time."

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While this one looks a bit difficult to make, you can make rangoli with the help of kitchen utensils also.

Flowers are a great option too! Flowers add more colour to Diwali decorations. Not only to your home walls but you can also add a floral touch to your rangoli designs. And, if you are someone who is sometimes scratching their brains on how to make the best use of colours, you can always go with leaves or flowers, especially marigolds.

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