Will Smith and Johnny Depp were among the celebrities in attendance on the first night of Saudi Arabia's Red Sea International Film Festival, which is in its third edition. HWJN, which is based on Ibraheem Abbas' best-selling Saudi fantasy novel, had its premiere at the event. The film "takes viewers into a kingdom of the imagination where anything seems possible" and "is set in a world where djinn have crossed a traditional barrier and are living invisibly among humans," according to a synopsis on the festival's website. Depp walked the red carpet dressed in a sleek, all-black tuxedo. Red Sea International Film Festival 2023: Ranveer Singh's Stylish Black Attire Shines in Photo Moment With Johnny Depp; Applauds Him as the 'Master of Transformation'.

Smith -- who will speak on Saturday -- was also seen arriving at the event dressed in a dark black suit and black dress shoes. According to 'The Hollywood Reporter', he was approached by many fans asking for selfies and posed for as many as possible on the red carpet. Sofia Vergara spoke at the event's opening ceremony on stage, however she did not walk the red carpet. Her presence coincided with the release of a new trailer for her upcoming limited series, Griselda, on Netflix. Mahlagha Jaberi attended the Opening Night screening of "HWJN" at the Red Sea International Film Festival 2023.

Sharon Stone was also among the attendees. Ranveer Singh Receives Prestigious Honour at Red Sea Film Festival, Sharon Stone Lauds Him as an ‘All-Rounder’.

Turkish actor Hande Ercel also attended the special event. The festival's website states that the multi-day event is "for film lovers, filmmakers, and the global film industry. See the blockbusters of the future before they hit the big screen. Discover old favourites with lovingly curated retrospectives and restored classics. Explore immersive audio-visual worlds and try something new with experimental and short film strands," the website adds. The international festival continues through December 9, reported People.