New Delhi, May 23: With the heatwave conditions persisting in the country, people tend to consume cold drinks, ice cream, and juices but one should refrain from them, said Dr NK Gupta, HOD of Pulmonary medicine at Safdarjung Hospital, advising people about basic rules to avoid infections in summer, especially for those people already suffering from comorbidities.

Speaking to ANI, NK Gupta said, "This hot weather is not too bad for respiratory patients. But they should remember not to consume too much direct ice or even ice cream. They should refrain from going in and out of air-conditioned spaces or visiting these areas like swimming pools as the change in temperature affects the body and increases their risk of developing throat infections." Heatwave in Mumbai: How To Survive Hot Weather? Six Easy Hacks To Keep Yourself Cool in Sweltering Summer Heat.

The pulmonologist added, "This is a fact that once the temperature of the mucous pemphigoid, that is the lining of the throat inside the mouth falls by one-degree temperature, then there's a 3 per cent risk of the virus entering into your system, which means that the more cold items like direct ice if you intake, is likely to get the sore throats or throat infections." He also advised people to consume more fluids in this dry weather. Heatwave-Like Conditions in Rajasthan: State Records Highest Maximum Temperature of 42.1 Degrees in Last 24 Hours, Fresh Western Disturbance May Bring Relief Next Week.

"So it is important to avoid it. Yes, it is dry weather and you must take fluids. You must take liquids. You can have any fruit but try not to use too much ice. The normal water which is not ice-cold is good for drinking," suggested the doctor.

He further emphasised that old people, small children and those suffering from some comorbidities must be more careful about consuming cold items.

"Same advice is for the old patients, or very small children, or those people who have comorbidities like diabetes. And the ones who're taking medicines that decrease your resistance like maybe steroids or anti-cancer medicines are prone to sore throat infection. So these individuals must take precautions and must take fluids because in hot weather, it is important to take fluids but avoid ice," concluded Dr NK Gupta.

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