Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], February 22 (ANI): Ahead of the upcoming summer season, the Odisha government issued guidelines on Thursday to tackle heat waves.

Odisha's Director of Health Services, Bijay Kumar Mohapatra, said, "We know we have vulnerable districts so far as the heat waves are concerned. We have definite protocols and SOPs for hospitals and there are separate provisions for the heat stroke patients to be admitted. SRC has issued instructions regarding precautionary measures to be taken into consideration for this anticipated heat wave."

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Further speaking on the precautionary measures people must take, Mohapatra said that the main thing is that people must understand that they shouldn't be exposed to extreme heat. If some activities need to be done, then people must do them in the morning and the evening.

"People must avoid exposing themselves to scorching heat during peak times. If there is an emergency, then take precautionary measures before getting out, like taking umbrellas, drinking a lot of water, and other liquids advised by the health department," he added further.

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Elaborating on the arrangements made in the state given the heat wave condition, Mohapatra said that the state health department is fully aware and has geared up.

"There will be designated heat stroke rooms, rest corners, drugs available, an ambulance facility, and continuous icing activity for the community in the hospital," he added further.

Earlier in June 2023, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a severe heatwave warning across Odisha.

Due to the severe heatwave, several districts of Odisha in June recorded above-normal temperatures, which were 6-7 degrees Celsius higher than usual. (ANI)

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