New Delhi, June 14 (PTI) To keep a check on the spread of COVID-19, the Delhi government's Transport Department has reduced driving licence test slots by half and allowed applicants of permanent licence to take the test at any automated track, officials said.

Around 1,000 slots are given for driving licence tests on a daily basis but they have now been reduced by half, the officials said.

Out of the available slots, 50 per cent will be reserved for applicants who made the booking during the lockdown and therefore needed to be rescheduled.

According to an order issued by the Transport Department on June 6, the applicants for permanent licence can appear in driving skill tests at any automated test driving track, irrespective of the motor licencing office where they originally applied.

A candidate will be allowed to take appointment for one category of licence only at a time. He or she may have another appointment at a later date for a different category, the order added.

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