New Delhi [India], June 11 (ANI): The Union Health Ministry on Friday clarified that India reported a total of 6,148 COVID-related deaths on June 10 which takes into account 3,971 deaths reported by Bihar after the reconciliation done by the state.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, to avoid inconsistency or confusion in the number of deaths being reported, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), earlier in May 2020, issued 'Guidance for the appropriate recording of COVID-19 related deaths in India' for correct recording of all deaths by States/UTs as per ICD-10 codes recommended by WHO for mortality coding.

"The Union Health Ministry has regularly emphasized the need for a robust reporting mechanism for monitoring district-wise cases and deaths on a daily basis. In the instant case, the Union Government has written to the state of Bihar to provide a detailed date and district-wise break-up of the reconciled number of deaths to the Union Health Ministry," the statement said.

The total number of COVID-19 fatalities in Bihar took a drastic upward leap of 3,951 in a day after the figures were revised by the state health department on Wednesday.

According to the official data provided by the state health department, the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the state was 5,458 till Tuesday, However, the revised data on Wednesday showed the death toll has mounted to 9,429.

The move came after the Patna high court flagged irregularities in death figures in Buxar district following which the state government did an audit of COVID-19 deaths at private hospitals and homes not recorded earlier.

The government has however not specified when these deaths took place, but it has provided the breakup of deaths in all 38 districts in the state. (ANI)

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