Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], February 13 (ANI): Amidst the "Delhi Chalo" movement, Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao voiced his concern on Tuesday, stating that farmers are being subjected to injustice.

He criticized the BJP-led central government for prioritizing discussions on topics like the Ram temple in parliament while neglecting the pressing issues faced by farmers.

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"Delhi Chalo" is a call for a protest march towards Delhi, primarily by farmers. As part of the movement, farmers are protesting over their demands, which include a law ensuring the minimum support price for their agricultural produce and a debt waiver.

The protests come just ahead of the Lok Sabah elections, which are due in May-April this year.

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The Congress leader also condemned the imposition of Section 144, which restricts the movement of people and vehicles, causing inconvenience to both farmers and the public.

"You talk about the Ram temple; we respect that it's God's work; it's a good thing. But also listen to the poor, who work hard and feed people; there is injustice happening with the farmers. And you impose Section 144; no one can come, no vehicle can come, and not only the farmer is troubled because of this, the public is also troubled. You have completely stopped them on the highway; what kind of method is this?" he said.

The leader also highlighted the farmers' demands for a minimum support price and farm debt waiver, which he says the government has not considered.

"Narendra Modi claims to have uplifted 250 million poor people. But if you haven't uplifted the farmer, then where did these 250 million come from? Farmer's demand till today is only two things: minimum support price and farm debt waiver; you don't even think about it," he said.

The leader warned that farmers will oppose Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP, and the NDA in the upcoming parliament election until their issues are resolved.

"Our farmer, who feeds the soldiers for the sake of the country, who feeds the poor, every one of them who produces food, the farmer who produces grain, the farmer who produces wheat, there is injustice happening with them. I condemn this. Even now, think about it, in the upcoming parliament election, the farmer will oppose Narendra Modi, and until this issue is resolved, the farmer is not going to sit quietly. The farmer will oppose the BJP, NDA and Narendra Modi. I am condemning this. You are not even ready to listen to their voice. This is a government that is against farmers," he said.

The leader also criticized the central government for not discussing farmer issues in the parliament.

"They work hard day and night, but if they don't benefit from it, why should the farmer stay silent? That is why today the farmers' committee made a call to go to Delhi on February 13th with tractors. They started two days earlier, on the 11th. They have blocked the roads, put up barricades, and even thrown stones, which I have never seen before. Let them come and ask what their demand is. You don't even discuss the farmers' issues in parliament," he said. (ANI)

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