New Delhi [India], April 18 (ANI): The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday claimed that Arvind Kejriwal is consuming high sugar content in the garb of home-cooked food.

ED's Special Counsel Zoheb Hossain submitted that Kejriwal is consuming mangoes, sweets, tea with high sugar and aaloo poori etc, a diet that increases sugar levels. This the ED has claimed is to prepare ground for seeking bail.

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Special judge Kaveri Baweja has called for a report from the Jail authorities and listed the matter tomorrow at 2 PM. Kejriwal's counsel submitted that they were withdrawing the application seeking permission to consult his regular doctor through video conferencing. Counsel said that they would file a better application.

Special counsel for ED submitted that Kejriwal taking mangoes, sweets, tea with sugar, poori home-cooked food as per the prescribed diet chart.

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Advocate Vivek Jain Counsel for Kejriwal opposed the contention of ED. He said that some toffee and other things are given to diabetics to maintain their sugar levels.

ED's counsel said that they (accused) are making ground for bail. Kejriwal's counsel said that ED is making a statement for the media. The court said that it would call for a report from jail authorities. The court asked counsel for Kejriwal to file a prescribed diet chart.

The court has listed the matter for a hearing on Friday at 2 PM.

On April 16, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal moved the court seeking permission to consult his regular doctor through video conferencing. It was claimed that his blood sugar fluctuating, and he wants to consult his regular doctor.

Kejriwal's counsel had submitted before the court that his blood sugar level is fluctuating and went down to 46. In this situation he should be allowed to consult his doctor thrice a week, counsel Vivek Jain submitted. Kejriwal's counsel questioned the ED opposing him when was taking care of his health.

On the other hand, Special Public Prosecutor (ED) Simon Benjamin had argued that in jail there are facilities and he can be examined there. He had said that he wants to file a reply on the application.

ED's Special Counsel submitted a document and said that it may be observed that Kejriwal is consciously consuming items like tea with sugar, banana, sweets (1/2 pieces), poori, aaloo sabji, etc. regularly, despite being a patient of diabetes mellitus type II and knowing very well that consumption of such items results into increase in blood sugar.

This is being done to create a medical emergency, to obtain sympathetic treatment from the Court of Law on medical grounds, ED's counsel submitted.

It is informed that the Jail authorities on April 17, have already asked AIIMS to prescribe a medical diet after considering his blood sugar data and the fact that he has a case of diabetes mellitus type II with chronic constipation with chronic cough (chronic bronchitis) and is under regular treatment. Arvind Kejriwal is in judicial custody after his arrest by the ED in Delhi Excise policy case. (ANI)

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