Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh) [India], March 2 (ANI): In an exemplary initiative to showcase transparency, police department authorities in Madhya Pradesh's Chhatarpur district organized a 'lottery' for posting of newly recruited constables at various police stations across the district.

A total of 57 police personnel, including 41 men and 16 women, were alloted different police stations through the lottery on Friday.

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Superintendent of Police (SP) Amit Sanghi told ANI, "We had 57 newly recruited constables, including males and females, from different Police Training Academies in our district to be posted in different police stations according to the vacancies. The constables were called to the police control room in the district, and they picked slips of police stations on their own."

"The initiative has been taken to give them (constables) a message that postings have been done transparently and not based on any kind of recommendations. They were also advised that if they perform better in the future, they will get better postings," he added.

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Meanwhile, after getting their postings, the police constables looked happy and applauded the initiative of SP Sanghi.

"A unique and commendable initiative was taken by the SP. Usually, people put in jack and recommendations for posting in police stations, but the Superintendent of Police did not do so. Without any prior approval and without discrimination, a token slip was made, and maintaining transparency from everyone, one slip each was issued, according to which the police station was allotted to us," the constables said.

"We have taken out our slips and posted ourselves in the police station. We all are very happy," they said.

They further added that this kind of initiative should be followed not only in Madhya Pradesh but in the entire country. (ANI)

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