New Delhi, November 2: TMC MP Mahua Moitra wrote to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Thursday alleging that she was subjected to the "proverbial vastraharan" by the chairperson of the Ethics Committee during a hearing on the cash-for-query allegations against her.

She also alleged that the panel chairperson, BJP MP Vinod Kumar Sonkar, instead of asking questions pertinent to the matter, exhibited a preconceived bias by questioning her in a malicious and defamatory way. Mahua Moitra Cash-for-Query Case: Instead of Answering Questions, TMC MP Walked Out To Divert Attention From Real Issue, Says Panel Chairperson Vinod Sonkar (Watch Video).

"I write to you in great anguish today to update you on the unethical, sordid, and prejudiced behaviour meted out to me at the hearing of the Ethics Committee by the Chairman. I have been subjected to the proverbial 'vastraharan' by him in the presence of all members of the Committee," Moitra said in her strongly worded letter.

"The committee ought to designate itself under a name other than the Ethics committee as it has no ethics and morality left. Instead of asking questions pertinent to the subject, the Chairman exhibited a preconceived bias by maliciously and clearly in a defamatory way questioning me, so much so that 5 of the 11 members present walked out and boycotted the proceedings in protest at his shameful conduct," she said.

Sonkar later said the committee had been tasked with conducting a comprehensive probe into the matter and that instead of cooperating, Moitra turned angry along with opposition members and they used "objectionable words" and made unethical claims against him.

Moitra has been accused of asking questions, which were keyed in through her parliamentary account, at the behest of businessman Darshan Hiranandani. It was also alleged that she shared her login credentials with the Dubai-based businessman. The complaint against Moitra was filed by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey.

In her letter, the TMC MP also requested the Lok Sabha Secretariat to disclose the regulations governing the sharing of one's login and password of the portal to merely type out questions, adding that nothing could be submitted without an OTP. Mahua Moitra, Opposition MPs Storm Out of Lok Sabha Ethics Committee Meeting Over Cash-for-Question Allegations (Watch Video).

"Why were these rules never given to MPs and if they were why is every single MP sharing this id and login with numerous people?" she said. "I repeatedly protested on record that while the Chairman was welcome to ask me any question relevant to the enquiry- namely on the login and on those allegations of gifts for which evidence, or rather complete lack of it, existed he could not ask me detailed personal questions making insinuations about my dignity as a woman," the MP added.

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