New Delhi, January 23: Farmers at Singhu border on Friday presented a person who revealed an alleged plot to shoot four farmer leaders and also to cause disruption during farmers' tractor march on January 26.

"Attempts are being made by agencies to disrupt the farmers' agitation," claimed farmer leader Kulwant Singh Sandhu at a press briefing at the Singhu border. Farmers to Hold 'Tractor Kisan Parade' on Republic Day 2021 in Protest Against Farm Laws.

He further said that the masked man along with his other teammates has been threatened that their family members will be killed if they leak any information.

Speaking to the media, the masked man said, "We had planned to stop farmers from moving ahead during January 26 rally and if they did not stop, we had planned to first fire in the air and then our other teammates were to fire from behind so that the police officials present at the spot think that the farmers are firing at them." He further claimed that they are a team of 10 people including two women.

"Our team has given weapons at two places here. During January 26 rally, it was planned that half of the people (of his team) will be present wearing police uniforms to scatter the farmers' groups. We were also given the photograph of four people, who were to be shot, present at the stage. The person who directed us is a cop," the masked man further claimed.

"We were working for money. There are other people as well who are involved in this who are yet to be caught. I would request that our families should not be informed about this. We were to be given Rs 10,000 each to carry out the disruption," he added.

The man asserted there are 90 per cent chances that the disruption will be carried out here on January 26.

"I have also informed about the appearance of the people who will come here to cause disruption. Those men will be wearing boots, turbans and ribbed jeans. Other men who will come to January 26 rally will come in police uniforms," the man claimed.

Explaining his role along with other teammates during "Jaat Agitation", the masked man said, "Our only role during Jaat Aandolan was to wear police uniforms and do a lathi charge. We were active for the past two days."

"My duty was to keep an eye on weapons provided. We also resorted to a lathi charge at Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar's rally in Karnal recently. We used to undergo training at different places like hotels and dhabas to carry out these acts. We are not killers, but just do these things as we are in need of money," he added. The masked man was later handed over to the police here.

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