New Delhi, Feb 12 (PTI) GPS-enabled suction machines with mounted cameras will be used to clear garbage in Delhi markets starting Tuesday, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi announced.

The corporation will carry out a pilot project to clean markets in the national capital twice a day to collect 800-1,000 litres of garbage using the battery operated electric machines.

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According to an official statement issued on Monday, these machines were used during the G20 Summit to clean the city.

The machines will now be used to collect garbage and litter in Delhi markets. they will also help in monitoring of cleanliness in the city on a real-time basis, the MCD said.

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"Mayor Shelly Oberoi will flag off eight machines from the civic center, MCD headquarters, at 10 am on Tuesday. If the pilot project is successful, the markets of the entire Delhi will be cleaned through electric machines," the statement said.

These are environment friendly suction machines that suck the garbage without spreading dust and do not cause noise pollution, it added.

According to the statement, the machines are equipped with a bin container with a volume size of 240 litres and 200 AH (lithium-ion) battery backup.

It has the capacity to operate for eight to 10 hours per charge.

"These eight machines will be used on a pilot project for cleaning the markets in Delhi. These machines are equipped with inbuilt GPS and mounted cameras for real-time monitoring. They were used during the G-20 Summit, which was quite satisfactory," the statement said.

The civic body had passed the proposal for manual cleaning of market places in the city in the 2024 budget estimates.

"Manual sweeping disperses dust into the environment which cause discomfort to the visitors and shop owners. As a step to solve the issues of air pollution and to maintain a clean environment in the market, the MCD has taken these eight machines for mechanical cleaning of markets as announced in the budget," the statement read.

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