Mumbai, November 13: Mumbai police on Sunday arrested a man for allegedly beating a 65-yr-old woman beggar to death in the Dhobi Ghat area. The police said that the incident took place near Dhobi Ghat of Mahalaxmi on Saturday night.

"When the deceased woman Sharda Keshav Waghmare was sleeping with her bag, the accused tried to steal it. After that, the woman woke up. He pushed the woman on the ground and beat her badly to death," the police said. Mumbai Shocker: Man Beats Woman Beggar to Death in Dhobi Ghat Area, Arrested.

After the incident, Agripada police arrested the accused identified as Shubham, and registered a case against him under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).  Mumbai Shocker: Navy Sailor Dies by Suicide by Shooting Self Onboard Naval Ship, Probe On.

Police further said that the accused Shubham is a perverted person and has several serious cases registered against him in various police stations in Mumbai.

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