Noida, May 19 (PTI) The Noida-Greater Noida Metro on Wednesday clocked its highest single-day ridership of 33,352 passengers post the COVID-19 outbreak, officials said.

The month of May also witnessed the Aqua Line metro attaining its highest daily average ridership with nearly 28,000 passengers, officials of the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) said on Thursday.

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Services of the Aqua Line, which connects the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida in western Uttar Pradesh's Gautam Buddh Nagar district, were shut for one month during the second wave of the pandemic last year.

The service was resumed for passengers in June 2021, with over 2,300 people taking the ride on the first day. The Aqua Line was shut for passengers for a longer period during the first wave in 2020 as well.

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"Ridership of 33,352 passengers was recorded on May 18 which is the highest in the period after COVID-19 lockdowns. Average daily ridership has become almost double in last four months," NMRC Managing Director Ritu Maheshwari said.

In 2022, the Aqua Line's month average daily ridership in January stood at 13,124, in February at 18,482, in March at 23,266 and in April at 26,162, she said.

During May, the daily average ridership has been 27,936 so far (till May 18), she added.

"This is the highest ever daily average ridership for any month since introduction of commercial services on Aqua Line i.e January 2019," Maheshwari said.

Operated by the NMRC, the Aqua Line runs over 29.7 km through 21 stations between Noida Sector 51 and Depot Station in Greater Noida.

It was built at a cost of Rs 5,503 crore and opened for public in January 2019. Currently it has an average daily ridership of over 16,000 passengers, according to NMRC officials.

Till date, the metro rail has clocked its highest single-day ridership of 39,451 passengers on September 19, 2019, according to NMRC officials.

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