Pune, Jan 19 (PTI) Several disciples of Osho Rajnish, who have been protesting the sale of land inside the Osho Ashram in Pune, on Thursday claimed the OSHO International Foundation (OIF) management denied them entry into the ashram to commemorate the death anniversary of the spiritual leader.

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They are being refused entry to the 'samadhi' of Osho if they are found wearing a 'mala' given by the late mystic himself to disciples during initiation into 'sanyas', these protesters claimed.

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There is a High Court order stating there is "there is no prohibition for the petitioner or devotees to visit the samadhi", and despite seeking police protection and assistance in implementing the HC order to allow devotees to visit the site, the OIF management refused to grant entry, they claimed in a release.

This was contempt of court by the OSHO International Foundation management, the release added.

Maa Amrit Sadhana, spokesperson and one of the trustees of OIF said they would not want to comment as the matter is sub judice.

However, she said the OIF management has laid out certain rules for giving entry to the ashram, including wearing a marron robe and having gate pass, while malas are not allowed.

A group of disciples had approached the Bombay High Court over the proposed sale of two Osho plots in Pune's ashram by the OIF.

Osho died in Pune on January 19, 1990.

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