New Delhi, February 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday inaugurated, laid the foundation stone, and dedicated to the nation over 2000 railway infrastructure projects worth around Rs 41,000 crores. Addressing the event, PM Modi called it a symbol of the work culture of 'New India'. "Today's programme is symbolic of New India's work ethic. Now, India works with an unprecedented speed at an unprecedented scale. Parting ways with small aspirations, today's India has moved on to dreaming big and realising those dreams at the earliest," the Prime Minister said. He further affirmed confidence in returning the third term of the government.

"Today, the foundation stone for more than two thousand projects related to railways has been laid and inaugurated. Right now, the third term of this government is going to start in June. The scale and speed with which work has started is surprising everyone," he said. Bharat Tex 2024: PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates One of Largest-Ever Global Textile Events in Delhi (Watch Videos).

PM Modi Inaugurates Railway Infrastructure Projects

The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for the redevelopment of 553 railway stations under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. According to a government release, these stations, spread across 27 states and Union Territories, will be redeveloped at a cost of over Rs 19,000 crore. These stations will act as 'City Centres', integrating both sides of the city.

Speaking on occasion, Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw thanked the Prime Minister for the projects, vowing to transform the industry. Further, PM Modi inaugurated Gomti Nagar station in Uttar Pradesh, which has been redeveloped at a total cost of around Rs 385 crore. To cater to the increased future passenger footfall, this station has segregated arrival and departure facilities. It integrates both sides of the city. This centrally air-conditioned station has modern passenger amenities like air concourse, congestion-free circulation, food courts and ample parking space in the upper and lower basement, a government release said. PM Narendra Modi Says 'Today Is a Historic Day for Our Railways!'; Here's Why.

The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone, inaugurated and dedicated to the nation 1500 road bridges and underpasses. These road overbridges and underpasses are spread across 24 states and Union Territories, the total cost of these projects is around Rs 21,520 crore. These projects will reduce congestion, enhance safety and connectivity, and improve the capacity, and efficiency of rail travel.

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