Ayodhya, January 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asserted that today's occasion of Pran Pratishtha is not only a moment of celebration but also a moment that signifies the "maturity" of Indian society, adding the manner our country has untangled this knot of history with seriousness and sensitivity indicates that our future is poised to be more splendid than our past. Addressing the gathering after Pran Pratishtha of the idol of Ram Lalla here, PM Modi said that the occasion is not only about victory but also about humility.

PM Modi pointed out that in the annals of world history, many nations have grappled with their own historical entanglements. Attempting to resolve such historical complexities often leads to formidable challenges, with situations becoming more intricate. "The history of the world is a witness that many nations get entangled in their own history. Whenever such countries have tried to unravel the tangled knots of their history, they have faced great difficulties in achieving success. In fact, many times the situations have become more challenging than before," PM Modi said on Monday. Darshan of Ram Lalla to Begin Tomorrow, Announces Chief Priest Satyendra Das After Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha Ceremony (Watch Video)

He further said that the way our country has untangled this knot of history with seriousness and sensitivity indicates that our future is going to be much more beautiful than our past. The Prime Minister further said that there was a time when some people said that if the Ram temple was built, it would lead to unrest as they failed to understand the purity of India's social sentiment.

"The construction of this temple of Ram Lalla is also a symbol of peace, patience, harmony, and coordination in Indian society. We are seeing that this construction is not igniting any fire, but rather it is giving birth to energy. The Ram temple has brought inspiration for every section of society to move towards a brighter future. Today, I call upon those people... Feel it, rethink your perspective," he added.

He further added "Ram is not fire, Ram is energy. Ram is not a dispute, Ram is the solution. Ram is not only ours, Ram is for everyone. Ram is not just the present, Ram is eternal." The Prime Minister expressed gratitude for the sacrifice of the people who made today's day possible. He paid tributes to Saints, Kar Sewaks and Ram Bhakts. Saryu Ghat in Ayodhya Lights Up With Laser and Light Show After Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha (Watch Video)

PM Modi Addressing Gathering After Pran Pratishtha 

"Today, in this historic moment, the country is also remembering those personalities whose efforts and dedication have made this auspicious day possible. Many people have shown the pinnacle of sacrifice and penance in the work of Ram. We are all indebted to those countless devotees of Ram, those countless volunteers, and those countless saints and sages," the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister emphasized that the whole world is connected with the Pran Pratistha and the omnipresence of Ram can be witnessed.

He said that similar celebrations can be seen in many countries and the festival of Ayodhya has become a celebration of the global traditions of Ramayana. "Ram Lalla's prestige is the idea of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'", he added. The Prime Minister walked into the temple premises with a silver 'chattar' (umbrella) placed on a red folded dupatta. Wearing a cream-coloured kurta teamed up with a cream dhoti and patka, he took 'Sankalp' for the "Pran Pratishtha ceremony" and later moved to the sanctum sanctorum for the rituals.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath were also present in the sanctorum during the rituals. Devotees and guests chanted 'Jai Sri Ram' during the ceremony.

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