New Delhi, Feb 13 (PTI) Fashion designer Namrata Joshipura on Tuesday said slow fashion is here to stay as it is the key to a sustainable future.

Speaking at the session 'The business of Fashion Industry' organised by FICCI ladies Organisation (FLO), Joshipura said sustainability and fast fashion do not go together.

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"Slow fashion is here to stay and a way forward for sustainability. It comes at a cost but we have to embrace it," Joshipura said, adding that customers should be encouraged to repeat their clothes.

Joshipura also said that fashion helps empower women to make independent decisions about "how they feel, how they look and what they want to wear".

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"Fashion can be a powerful tool for boosting women's confidence and self-esteem. When women are encouraged to dress in a way that aligns with their personal style and body type, they can express their individuality and feel comfortable in their own skin," she added.

Joshipura said artificial intelligence can be a valuable tool not just for clothing design but for retailers as well.

"Post-COVID technology and e-commerce has taken a different turn and changed the consumer buying pattern. This trend has taken off in India and abroad and has come to stay," she added.

"Fashion industry not only shapes trends but also holds immense potential for economic growth and empowerment. At FICCI FLO, we are constantly striving to empower women and create opportunities for their economic advancement," said Sudha Shivkumar, National president , FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), at the event. PTI

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