Chennai, November 13: The Tamil Nadu police arrested 2,095 people on November 12 and 13 for bursting firecrackers beyond the time specified by the Supreme Court, said a press release by the DGP Office.

According to the official release, a total of 2,206 cases were registered against 2,246 people in Tamil Nadu on November 12 and November 13. Chennai recorded the highest number of cases at 568. Diwali Pollution: Mumbai Police Register 784 Offences for Violation of HC Directives on Firecrackers.

The press release further mentioned that all 2095 arrested individuals were later released on bail. According to the order of the Supreme Court, on the pleas of the Government of Tamil Nadu, on the occasion of Deepavali, people were allowed to use fire-crackers for 2 hours only from 6 am to 7 am and from 7 pm to 8 pm.

However, revellers flouted the orders of the apex court and continued bursting crackers in several parts of the state capital on Sunday night. Accordingly, the Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai Police, Sandeep Rai Rathore and several police teams led by Inspectors of Police were engaged in intensive surveillance in their jurisdiction. The police team engaged in intensive surveillance from November 11-13 with raids on cracker distributors. Mumbai: Not Only Air Pollution, City Also Recorded High Noise Pollution Levels This Diwali.

Post-Diwali, roads in Tamil Nadu's capital city Chennai were left littered with fireworks waste and the air quality dipped to poor early Monday morning. The air quality in various areas of Chennai was also recorded as poor this morning.

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