Mumbai, April 16: After a minor collision between Dadar-Puducherry Chalukya Express and Mumbai CSMT Gadag Express, railway services will be affected in the Mulund area of Maharashtra, said a Central Railway official on Saturday. Three coaches of the Dadar-Puducherry Chalukya Express derailed near Matunga station in Mumbai on Friday after a minor collision with Mumbai CSMT Gadag Express took place.

"Some services will be terminated in Mulund. Passengers will be able to move by road. Two of the three derailed coaches have been rerailed. Down and Up local lines are functional and services are normal. We expect to clear the Up through-line within an hour. Down through line will take some more time to be restored," said Anil Kr Lahoti, General Manager, Central Railway. Dadar-Puducherry Express and CSMT-Gadag Express have been cancelled. Mumbai: Three Coaches of Puducherry Express Derail Near Matunga Station, No Casualty Reported.

Meanwhile, the Central Railway officials said that the passengers of cancelled trains can claim refunds from the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) centres for the next three days. "Passengers of cancelled trains can claim refunds from any PRS centres for the next three days," said Shivaji M Sutar, CPRO, Central Railways, Mumbai. Some of the trains arriving at Mumbai were also terminated at Dadar station. The Central Railways further informed that the suburban trains on Saturday will move as per the holiday schedule on the mainline only.

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