Mumbai, December 8: Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Friday said that the tribunals in the country play a significant role in assisting unclog delays in courts and in aiding the overall dispensation of justice. "One of the objectives of tribunals was to combat and battle the delays faced by our courts and it was hoped that these tribunals, which are untethered by strict rules of evidence and procedure, would help unclog the courts and aid overall in the dispensation of justice," the CJI said while speaking at the inauguration of the new premises of the Mumbai bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).

He further said that there is a constant tussle about who will get ultimate control over the appointment of judges even as vacancies arise and appointments are kept pending for a long period. CJI DY Chandrachud Says Need New Theories To Govern Free Speech in Era of Fake News on the Internet.

"Because you do not get judges when you get judges, vacancies arise which are kept pending for a long period of time...and then there is this constant tussle about who will get ultimate control over the appointment of judges," CJI Chandrachud said. He further said that however, our tribunals are by and large plagued with problems and then we ask ourselves if was it really necessary to constitute so many tribunals. He also added that any Mumbaikar would testify to the troubles of securing a space in Mumbai.

"I am certain that this complex is an outcome of very dedicated efforts of everyone involved and also the cooperation of the government. Very often, we forget the work that the government does in aiding and supporting the judicial infrastructure. Very often we forget the importance of the work that the government does in aiding and supporting the judicial infrastructure," he said.

Later, after the event, speaking to ANI, CJI Chandrachud said that the issues related to central government employees could be sorted out quickly after the inauguration of the complex. "For the functioning of the Central Administration Tribunal, we have got 2 floors, the furnishing has been done very well...they do a very important job. The issues related to central government employees can be sorted out quickly. This new facility opened for them is very important," he said. CJI DY Chandrachud Says Holding CLAT Examination Only in English Makes Legal Profession Biased Against Rural and Marginalised Persons.

The CJI also emphasised the need to make courtrooms more accessible to differently-abled persons. "Technology cannot become the sole medium to access justice, and physical access to courts can never be understated and hence must be constantly improved," he added. The CJI further said that infrastructural advances must be guided by the objective of accommodating people with diverse needs from diverse segments of our society.

"A well-maintained and accessible infrastructure can enhance the public's confidence in the state's ability to meet not only their legal needs but also account for their comfort as they navigate through the complexities of these daunting legal journeys," he added.

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