Bhubaneswar, April 11: Two and a half years old child prodigy, Anvi Vishesh Agrawal from Bhubaneswar has found her name in the World Book of Records, London and India Book Records, for creating 72 paintings, which is the maximum number of paintings made by a toddler.

The tiny tot who has just begun to walk started her abstract art journey when she was just nine months old. The gifted child has forayed into 37+ techniques of art like magnet, pendulum, 'colours on wheels', reflection art, hair comb texture, recycling old toys, human spirography, DIY spray painting, bubble painting and many more. Besides excelling in art, the talented child has also created an India Book Record at the tender age of 1 year and nine months for speaking a foreign language (Spanish), knowing all 42 sounds of phonics. Odisha Raises Maximum Age Limit to Apply For Government Jobs Due to COVID-19.

Talking to ANI, Anvi's elated mother said, "It was difficult to keep the children entertained during COVID-19 and get them to learn simultaneously. Sourcing material was difficult, however, the girl's hard work and passion for learning and a dedicated number of hours each day religiously for several months, paid off with her making three records at the age of 2.5 years which is now an inspiration for many children." "As parents, we are proud that our child is gifted and we followed our little girl's interest wholeheartedly," added Anvi's father Vishesh Agarwal.

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