New Delhi, November 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday lauded the successful operation to rescue the workers trapped in a tunnel in Uttarakhand, asserting that it has made everyone emotional. In a post on X soon after the workers were brought out of the tunnel, Modi saluted the spirit of people involved in the operation and said their courage and resolve have given a new life to them. "Everyone involved in the mission has created an amazing example of humanity and teamwork," he said. Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Operation Successful: All 41 Trapped Workers Rescued Safely From Silkyara Tunnel, Locals Distribute Sweets (See Pics and Videos)

Addressing the 41 rescued workers, he said their courage and patience inspire everyone as he wished them good health and well-being. Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Operation: Congress Congratulates Agencies Engaged in Rescue Ops at Silkyara Tunnel

PM Narendra Modi Elated at Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Operation's Success

"It is a matter of great satisfaction that these friends of ours will meet their dear ones after a long wait," he said, asserting that the patience and courage of their family members cannot be praised enough.

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