Madhya Pradesh: 41 Dead Due to Swine Flu in Indore
Swine Flu (Photo Credits: PTI)

Indore, March 23: As many as 41 people have died due to swine flu in Madhya Pradesh's Indore."From January till date, we sent 644 samples for tests, out of which 152 were positive and reports of 10 are yet to come. 41 deaths reported out of which 20 were from Indore. Currently, 19 patients with swine flu are admitted," Praveen Jadiya, chief medical and health officer, Indore told ANI.

"We have increased the number of fever clinics and screening centres, patients are being given primary treatment there," Jadiya added. Swine flu is an infection caused by one of several swine influenza viruses (SIV), with the H1N1 strain being the most common across the country. Swine Flu Prevention: Important Tips to Stay Protected From H1N1 Infection.

H1N1 virus spreads when an individual touches an infected person or breathes droplets of coughs and sneezes that are in the air.

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