Khattar Reiterates Voters Already Decided to Bring Back BJP Govt in Haryana

Jhajjar (Haryana) [India], Oct 7 (ANI): Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Monday reiterated that the voters have already decided to bring back the BJP government in the state in the upcoming Haryana assembly elections.He asserted that the BJP will have to ensure that the maximum number of seats are won by the party in the upcoming elections.Addressing an election rally here, Khattar said, "Many political pundits are trying to find out how Haryana has stood by BJP in the last many elections. It is unique that the people of Haryana have decided to make us win the elections again, and that too they had decided it six months back."He also thanked the people of Haryana for making BJP win in the last Assembly elections and also for the big win in the 17th Lok Sabha elections."In the last elections through the grace of the voters of Haryana, a BJP government was formed in the state for the first time. In the past five years you must have seen the work by us here," Khattar said."Just four months have passed that the Lok Sabha elections got over in which BJP candidates decisively won all 10 seats in Haryana," he added.Urging voters to fully support the candidates from their area in the polls, Khattar said, "We have worked in Haryana without any bias, it is known that works get done fast in the seats from which our MLAs are there while there is a delay in other areas. Therefore, it is now the duty of the people to vote in favour of timely work and development in their area, they must ensure that victory belongs to our candidate."Commenting on the rebel leaders of the party who had filed their nominations by going against the party decision, he said, "I understand that many leaders from the party have ambitions. But the fact is that there can be many good candidates for the seat but a ticket can be allotted to just one under the democratic setup. Therefore, the person who has the Lotus symbol is the only true candidate, and all voters must remember that."Khattar also rubbished the claims that there was unusually high employment in the region and termed it a "propaganda" by the opposition."All these talks of unusually high employment in the state is propaganda and nothing more. In our last five years, we have created five lakh jobs in the state, out of which 4 lakh came from the private sector while 72 thousand were created through filling vacancies in the state government. The rest 30 thousand more were created through boards and corporations in the state," Khattar said.Polling in the state will be held on October 21 and the results will be declared on October 24. (ANI)

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