Mangaluru, Feb 4: A stray dog that was chased into the washroom of a house by a leopard in Bilinele village of Dakshina Kannada district survived six hours with its predator which did not harm the dog once the door was locked from outside.

The house owner Jayalakshmi locked the asbestos-roofed toilet from outside when she saw the tail of the leopard after hearing the noise early Wednesday morning. Forest department officials were promptly informed and they reached the spot after 7 AM. Rare Black Leopard Spotted in Maharashtra! Wildlife Photographer, Anurag Gawande Once Again Mesmerises Netizens with Beautiful Pics and Videos.

They were amazed to see from a window both the animals lying on two sides of the washroom. Forest officers who brought in tranquilizer darts to sedate the animal, failed in their attempt to trap the leopard as it broke through the roof and the nets outside the house to escape into the nearby forest.

Meanwhile, the dog walked out free through the door when it was opened.

The deputy conservator of Forests (Dakshina Kannada) V Karikalan said two separate cages had been set for the animal near the house if it chanced to come to the area again.

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