New Delhi, Mar 4 (PTI) Drug firm Shilpa Medicare on Thursday entered the women intimate hygiene product segment with the launch of a cleansing spray.

The company, which manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations, said the cleansing spray would be available under the brand name "Swatchshil" in 100ml packs.

An anti-bacterial, anti-fungal solution, 'Swatchshil' is the country's first spray-based intimate hygiene product.

"Appropriate intimate hygiene for women both during menstrual cycles and beyond is an important part of preventive healthcare. A large number of women experience vaginal infections, UTI, itching, irritation and foul smell due to inappropriate attention to intimate hygiene. This often worsens during menstrual cycles,"  Shilpa Medicare MD Vishnukant Bhutada said.

The company's brand Swatchshil aims to offer a comprehensive solution for women's personal hygiene needs and help them maintain good vaginal health, he added.

The Indian intimate cleansers market is estimated to be more than Rs 80 crore, growing at a CAGR of 10 per cent. Besides, the FMCG market of intimate hygiene is believed to be four times as compared to the market for pharmaceutical hygiene products and is estimated to be at Rs 320 crore.

As awareness and consciousness grow about intimate hygiene, it is likely to create a huge demand for pharma based intimate hygiene products in the country.

With aggressive marketing and product outreach plans, Shilpa Medicare is aiming to capture up to 10 per cent of the total prescription plus OTC (Over-the-Counter) market in the first year itself.

The company is currently making the product available at chemist outlets in the north and eastern parts of the country. It plans to launch it in the south and west zones in the near future.

Shilpa Medicare also plans to make it available for sale through Amazon, Flipkart etc besides through its own website.

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