It is that time of the year again! If the beautifully lit oil lamps and lanterns bring hope and positivity, the vibrant and intricate rangoli patterns liven up the festive fervour. Just seeing a rangoli filled with different colours enhances the vibe of 'Diwali' and makes us realise that happy times are just around the corner. Last-Minute Diwali 2021 Decoration Ideas: From Urli With Flowers to Lakshmi Footprint Rangoli, Decorate Your Home With These DIY Ideas.

However, creating rangoli is considered a challenging and time-consuming task. Don't worry if you are not a pro at drawing rangoli, here are some tips and tricks that will help you decorate your home entrances with beautiful designs.

1. Make Use of Kitchen Utensils:

One does not need to spend money on expensive art tools to create rangoli on Diwali. With the help of kitchen utensils, one can easily create beautiful rangoli patterns. Plates and bottle caps act as the best go-to tools to make rangoli designs. If you want to make big circular designs, you can place the food plates on the floor and then use a pencil/pen to draw their circumference.

Use bangles to create smaller circles and then accordingly fill them with colours. Bottle caps can also be used to draw smaller circles.

2. Opt for Natural Elements:

Flowers undoubtedly add more colour to Diwali decorations. Not only to your home walls but you can also add a floral touch to your rangoli designs. And, if you are someone who is sometimes scratching their brains on how to make the best use of colours, you can always go with leaves or flowers especially marigolds. Quick Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2021: Easy, Simple and Beautiful Rangoli Design Images To Decorate Your House and Welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

Also, there's one big reason to opt for flowers while creating rangolis and that is their fragrance. They make surroundings smell naturally botanical and improve the home's air quality. You can also place diyas around your floral rangoli, which will look even beautiful at night.

3. Go Digital:

Digital rangolis are also trending in today's time. For people who love working on computers, mobiles, digital rangolis work best for them. According to Tanu Akshit Lamba, PRT General, Suraj Bhan DAV Public School, one can even create a detailed mandala rangoli design digitally just in five minutes.

"I recently taught my students digital rangolis and they absolutely loved how easily they were able to make difficult designs in a few minutes. Creating rangoli digitally is quite easy. Softwares like Ibis Paint X work brilliantly for beginners. When schools were closed, I organised a lot of virtual rangoli sessions for students. All you need is a good internet connection and with a few clicks, you can come up with beautiful rangoli patterns," she said.

Rangoli designs have come a long way for sure, thanks to technology.

4. Earbuds, Glue Bottles for Easy Application of Colours:

Applying colours to your rangoli might be a difficult process as they can stick to your fingers. To avoid the colour spillage, one can use old glue bottles or ketchup bottles. All you have to do is fill those bottles with rangoli colours and cut the nozzle with a broad opening and use it like a pen to draw shapes.

You can also use earbuds to create different rangoli designs. Earbuds can bring a smudge in the shapes.

5. Get Your Hands on Stencils:

Stencils come to the rescue of people who struggle to create rangoli designs on their own. From plastic stencils to wooden and paper stencils, different kinds of stencils are available in the markets.

All you have to do is to place the stencil in any corner of your house or doorstep and then fill in the blanks with colours. One can get stencils ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 1000, depending upon the design and material.

6. Food Ingredients:

You can also make colourful and unique-looking rangolis with the help of kitchen ingredients -- flour, pulses and rice.

With the above-mentioned hacks, you can create any rangoli design like a skilled artist. So, grab some colours and leave your guests in awe of your rangoli this Diwali.

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