New Delhi, October 20: Diwali is just around the corner and as much as we all love the festive season, the Diwali 'ladoos', lights, and card parties, one thing that ticks us all off is the 'Diwali Safaai'! Almost every household does the yearly 'ritual' of cleaning the house. Well, it's safe to say that 'Diwali Safaai' hasn't only united household members but also netizens, who have come together on Twitter to voice their feeling of dread with regard to the cleaning. Diwali Ki Safai 2022 Memes and Viral Jokes Are Here To Make Your Diwali Preparations Fun: Share These Hilarious Reactions on Diwali Cleaning With Your Friends and Family.

Check out some memes here:

Oh I Hate Them


Waah Kya Baat Batai Hai


Buh Byee




Oh That Feeling

This Never Happened To Me

Well, no matter how much you dread doing the 'safaai', Diwali without it is incomplete! This year, Diwali will be celebrated on October 24.

Deepawali, also known as Diwali, is the biggest and most important festival in Indian culture and is celebrated over four days. It dazzles people with its joyful celebration and illuminates the country with its splendour. Diwali, one of the grandest occasions, is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains for a number of reasons not just in India but also in southern Asia and other places across the world.

The event, which falls on the same day as the Hindu New Year, honours fresh starts and denotes the triumph of light over darkness. Diwali occurs on the fifteenth day of the Hindu calendar month of Kartik, and each of its four days is marked by distinct, well-defined traditions that are observed with joy and goodness.

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