New Delhi [India], Mar 16 (ANI): With Lok Sabha elections inching closer, the overseas wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress parties are actively garnering support from the Indian diaspora with rallies across the UK.Both Indian Overseas Congress and the Overseas Friends of the BJP are set to organise car and motorbike rallies across the UK on Saturday.European racing champion Advait Devadhar will also take part in BJP's car and bike rallies. The BJP has already organised motorcycle rally earlier this week.According to BJP schedule, car rallies will take place in places including in Glasgow, Birmingham and central London on Saturday at 12 noon(local time) while a “flash mob,” event will take place in the first week of April for central London.Congress will hold a car rally from 9 am on Saturday. The rally will start from the Gandhi statue located at the Parliament Square and pass through areas such as Southall, Leicester and Birmingham.Secretary of Overseas Congress in London, Varendra Vashisht, organizer of the car rally told ANI that the campaign to mobilize the support of Indian living abroad for the Lok Sabha elections is being accelerated with the car rallies. "In the coming days, such programs will be organized in many more cities. The Congress has tried to bring about the support of 5,000 NRIs (Non-resident Indian and person of Indian origin) in the party's campaign in London and India. We have asked them to visit India to vote for us as it is important for the future of India and to save and strengthen democracy," he said.The Congress has been very active in case of publicity among the NRI community.In the last two years, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has travelled from America to Dubai and addressed diaspora there . The Congress had organized a program in Dubai in February, to seek suggestions from the NRI community, for the party's manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections.The Overseas Congress President Sam Pitroda has been actively participating in various events organised in different parts of the world where a large number of Indian nationals reside.The Overseas BJP has been campaigning strongly in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Earlier, programmes like Bike Rally, Namo-T etc were organised in London. (ANI)

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