Pak Police Arrest Girl, Boyfriend for Throwing Acid on Girl's Mother, Sister
US Military Cancels 300 Million USD Financial Aid to Pakistan. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Quetta, Nov 9 (PTI) Pakistrani Police have arrested a young girl and her boyfriend for throwing acid on the girl's mother and elder sister in Quetta.

The incident took place on October 26 as the mother and her daughter were coming out of their tuition centre on Brohi road where they are teachers.

"The young sister of Kiran masterminded the whole episode as she wanted to marry the young man Ejaz, who her parents had selected to be married off to her sister," a senior police official said.

"Fuelled by jealousy, begrudge and revenge, Erum threatened Ejaz she would commit suicide and forced him to carry out the act of throwing acid on her mother and sister with the help of a close friend, Abdullah," SSP Ahmed Jan said.

"According to Ejaz, they threw acid because Kiran wanted to disfigure the face of her elder sister so that she was no longer eligible for marriage," the officer said.

Both the women are still recovering from serious burn injuries at the Bolan medical complex, he added.

The officer said they were arrested on the direction of Adullah who was arrested from Noshki district in the Baluchistan province.

"He gave the details of the whereabouts of the two main culprits who were hiding on the outskirts of Quetta," the officer said.

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