New Delhi [India], May 15: The meeting of the Development Committee of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), chaired by Avijit Paul, was held virtually on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. AIFF Acting Secretary General, M Satyanarayan, was present in the meeting, along with members Cliff Nongrum, Takum Kipa and Sonam T. Ethenpa, as per a press release from the All India Football Federation (AIFF). Kevin de Bruyne Surpasses Cesc Fabregas To Become Player With Second Most Assists in Premier League, Achieves Feat During Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City EPL 2023–24 Match

While welcoming the members, Paul said, "This is the first development committee meeting of the 2024-25 financial year in AIFF. Ever since the development committee was formed, the states and the AIFF have been working hand in hand for the development of the game across the country. With the help of AIFF, the states have succeeded in increasing the activities of the game throughout the year. We hope to continue in the same vein this time, too."

Satyanarayan said, "States are the backbone of Indian football. The policy of providing the states with the necessary support from the AIFF has made a considerable impact while taking the game forward. We will continue to work together for the progress of football in every corner of India."

The Committee recommended that each state will have to organise a minimum of four events in the year for the utilisation of funds provided by the AIFF. These four events should include at least one tournament each for junior boys and girls.

The Committee also recommended that the use of the Competition Management System (CMS) be mandatory for all these events. It said that a new set of rules should be made for the smooth utilisation of developmental funds and should be submitted to the Executive Committee for its approval.

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