Unlike 'failed State' Pakistan, India Stands Tall Because It Respected Its Constitution: UP CJI

Lucknow, Nov 26 (PTI) India "stands tall today" because it respected its Constitution while Pakistan became a "failed state" by ignoring its own, said the Allahabad High Court's Chief Justice Govind Mathur on Tuesday.

Justice Mathur made the observation while urging judges, judicial officer and advocates to "follow the principals of the Constitution like Gita".

The chief Justice said India and Pakistan both got the independence within a few hours of each other, but, "our neighbour is failed state today" because it ignored its Constitution, while "we stand tall" because we respected and followed ours.

"Our neighbour has not been benefitted from its Constitution and many top military officers took over the reigns of the government and even became President of Pakistan. We cannot even think of this in our country because the members of our Constituent assembly had worked on its each and every aspect," said the chief justice.

Highlighting the salient features of the Constitution, the chief justice said the judges and lawyer should work together to make the Constitution functional and uphold its mandate of "social, economic and political justice as well as liberty, equality and fraternity."

The chief justice was addressing a function in the Lucknow bench of the high court on the occasion of the 70th Constitution Day. The function was attended by judges, senior advocates, judicial officers, state law officers and trainee judges among others.

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