Tel Aviv [Israel], November 28: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed the release of 11 Israeli hostages on the fourth day of the truce to the Red Cross on Tuesday, as reported by The Times of Israel.

Later, Qatar's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Majed al-Ansari confirmed the implementation of the fourth day of the truce agreement, with 11 Israeli 'detainees' released in exchange for 33 Palestinian 'civilians.' Israel Hit by Cyberattack Amid Ongoing War With Hamas, Phone Lines for Emergency Services Down: Report.

According to The Times of Israel, the Israelis were held hostage by Hamas for 52 days.

"According to the information provided by the Red Cross, 11 Israeli hostages are on their way to Israeli territory," the IDF said.

Moreover, the 11 Israeli hostages released from Gaza were identified from five families.

From the Cunio family, Sharon Aloni Cunio (33), Emma Cunio (3), and Yuli Cunio (3) were released. However, the father David Cunio is still under Hamas captivity in Gaza.

According to The Times of Israel, family members of the Engel family include Karina Engel-Bart (51), Mika Engel (18), Yuval Engel (10), and Ronel Engel, father, who still remains hostage in Gaza.

Moreover, two members were released from the Calderon family, including Sahar Calderon (16) and Erez Calderon (12). However, their father Ofer Calderon is still in Gaza. Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Deal Extended: Israel and Hamas Agree To Extend Truce for Two More Days, and Free More Hostages and Prisoners.

Apart from them, two more members were released from the Yaakov family, including, Or Yaakov (16) and Yagil Yaakov (12). But their father Yair Yaakov and his girlfriend Meirav Tal are still under Hamas captivity, The Times of Israel reported.

From the Yahalomi family, only one member was released, identified as Eita Yahalomi (12); however, his father Ohad Yahalomi also remains hostage in Gaza.

Earlier today, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said they will be closely watching to see if any Americans are in the released hostages' group.

"We're going to watch this very, closely. We're certainly hoping that another batch of hostages gets released today as part of the fourth and final day of the original agreement. We will be watching closely to see if any Americans are in that group as it has come out over the last three days. We only know once you get into the endgame who's going to be actually on that list...So we're watching and open," he said.

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