Kabul [Afghanistan], June 23 (ANI): Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, terrorism in the country has been on the rise, and now the Kabul residents, have once again raised concerns over the rise in crime in the city, TOLOnews reported.

Some Kabul locals claimed that the city's crime rate had increased recently. According to the Afghan news agency, they said that this issue requires more focus and that the security organization's current efforts to uphold Kabul's security are insufficient.

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A woman was killed in Kabul thirteen days ago, and the victim's husband claims that his wife was brutally murdered there in the city's safest neighbourhood, TOLOnews reported.

Abdul Wahid, the husband of the slain woman, claimed that the incident took place while his wife was at home alone. Some unknown assailants broke into his house and killed his wife while also stealing some cash.

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He continued by saying that more than thirteen days had elapsed since the incident, yet no one has been arrested in connection with his wife's murder, TOLOnews reported.

"She was stabbed in the heart seven or eight times with a knife. They brutally killed her by suffocating her," Abdul Wahid said.

"When I got home, I found my mother in the hallway. I became worried and did not know what to do. Then my mother's aunt came and called her husband and we brought my mother to the clinic," said Mohammad Murtaza, the murdered women's son, according to TOLOnews.

Since the Taliban seized power in August 2021, the law and order situation in the country has only deteriorated. The group banned women from going to schools, and later in December last year, they banned women from going to universities and working with aid agencies. (ANI)

Moreover, Afghanistan is also facing a severe economic crisis after the Taliban takeover in August 2021, that followed by the suspension of international aid and the freezing of more than USD 9 billion in foreign reserves, as per a TOLO News report. (ANI)

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