Tottori, December 31: After the long pandemic halt, Japanese firm All Nippon Airways (ANA) has resumed business. It has resumed all domestic and international flights. ANA is working on promoting its business by collaborating with YouTubers and influencers.

Kimono Mom is a famous Japanese influencer with a whooping subscriber base of 1.4 Million on YouTube. ANA collaborated with her on her family trip for promotion. ANA takes care that travelling for and with children is easy. Fight Breaks Out Between Passengers in Thai Smile Airlines Flight From Bangkok to India; Blow Punches and Slaps to Each Other (Watch Video).

Tottori is located at the West Japan seaside of the Japanese archipelago. In the winter it gets covered under a blanket of snow. Kurayoshi town keeps Edo era's town scenery. White warehouse and red roof tile go well with clean river water. BCAS Takes Cognizance of Viral Video of Fight Between Passengers on Thai Airways Flight to Kolkata, Seeks Detailed Report.

'Mochi' is a sticky rice cake and a popular traditional food in Japan. 12 colors mean Japanese ancient official cloth of an imperial court lady. It layers 12 color clothes. Fresh Crab is a quite popular seafood speciality in Japan. Tottori provides "Matsuba crab". That is the most popular meal of winter.

"It smelled really good at the moment that grilled crab was brought. When I ate it, the sweetness of the crab was condensed, and I highly recommend grilled crab," said Moe, Kimono Mom.

Tottori receives a lot of snow in winter. The region known for its Sand Dunes witnessed all four distinct seasons. Every season here attracts many tourists.

"Many foreigners are looking at our AV material, so I wanted to travel around Japan wearing kimonos to introduce Japan's charm. I like kimonos very much, but I have never tripped wearing kimono after birth my child, so this is a challenge for me, but I would like to travel wearing kimono style to various places in Japan," said Moe, Kimono Mom.

Makiko Ugajin, a cabin attendant with ANA, is now settled in Tottori.

She joins Kimono Mom to promote the culture and food of the Tottori region. One of the local delicacy is "leek", which is cultivated in sand dune.

"In Tottori prefecture, you can feel the season and enjoy various scenery and seasonal ingredients. We would like to share the charm of Tottori with Kimono Mom," said Makiko Ugajin, Official, ANA.

ANA continues to develop aggressive promotion strategies like collaborating with famous influencers and personalities. It is through continuous efforts like these that ANA is on the upward slope of progress.

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