Beijing, July 10: At least six people were killed and one injured in a fatal knife attack at a kindergarten in China's Guangdong province, local police said on Monday. The incident took place in Hengshan town, Lianjiang City in Southern China, Al Jazeera said. The local police have arrested the accused and has been identified as Wu Moujie. China Stabbing Horror: Teacher, Two Parents and Three Students Stabbed to Death at Kindergarten in Lianjiang.

"At about 7:40 on July 10, 2023, an intentional injury case occurred in Hengshan Town, Lianjiang City, resulting in 6 deaths and 1 injury. At about 8:00 on the same day, our bureau arrested the suspect Wu Moujie (male, 25 years old, from Lianjiang City) and brought him to justice. Currently, the case is under investigation," the Lianjiang Public Security Bureau stated on Chinese social blogging platform Weibo. (roughly translated from Google). China Stabbing: 16 Children Injured in Knife Attack on Kindergarten in Southern Guangxi.

More details are awaited in the matter. Last month, six people including a 22-month-old child were stabbed to death in a knife attack in France's alpine town of Annecy. The Syrian national, age 31, was taken into custody in relation to the attack and charged with "attempted murder".

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