Washington, Apr 15: The US destroyed more than 80 UAVs and at least six ballistic missiles launched by Iran at Israel, the Pentagon said Sunday.

This includes a ballistic missile on its launcher vehicle and seven UAVs destroyed on the ground in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen prior to their launch, the US Central Command said. Israel Prepares for Chemical Contaminations Possibly Caused by Iranian Attacks.

Iran fired more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel, which Tehran said was in response to the April 1 strike on its consulate in Syria.

Almost all Iranian drones and missiles were shot down by Israeli, US and allied forces before they reached their targets.

On Saturday and Sunday morning, US CENTCOM forces, supported by US European Command destroyers, successfully engaged and destroyed more than 80 one-way attack uncrewed aerial vehicles (OWA UAV) and at least six ballistic missiles intended to strike Israel from Iran and Yemen, the media note said.

“Iran's continued unprecedented, malign, and reckless behaviour endangers regional stability and the safety of U.S. and coalition forces. CENTCOM remains postured to support Israel's defense against these dangerous actions by Iran. We will continue to work with all our regional partners to increase regional security,” it said.

The G-7 leaders on Sunday unequivocally condemned in the strongest terms Iran's direct and unprecedented attack against Israel, saying the development risks provoking an uncontrollable regional escalation. All Sound but No Fury: How Israel’s Advanced Missile Defence Repelled Iran’s Air Raid.

Israel described the attack as a “clear violation” of the UN Charter and international law, and accused Iran of stoking regional instability, calling on the Security Council to “unequivocally condemn Iran for these grave violations and immediately act to designate the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] as a terrorist organisation”.

Iran said it had launched the operation in exercise of its right to self-defence under Article 51 of the UN Charter.

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