By Shailesh Yadav

Paris [France], June 21 (ANI): Paris-headquartered defence conglomerate, Thales Group, said that India presents a significant market opportunity across various business segments at the Paris Air Show, world's largest air show, which alternates with Farnborough in Britain, is at Le Bourget for the first time in four years after the 2021 edition fell victim to the pandemic.

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Pascale Sourisse, Senior Executive Vice President, International Development at Thales said that India presents a significant market opportunity across various business segments, including civil aviation, digital identity, security, and satellites.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Sourisse said, "500 Aircraft order from Indigo Airlines is a clear demonstration that the Indian market is booming. So for us, India represents a huge market opportunity for all our business segments, the fans, see civil aviation, digital identity and security and satellites."

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Talking to ANI, Sourisse said that this order from Indigo is a clear demonstration that the Indian market is booming and that there are huge players in India.

Sourisse highlighted India's robust economic growth, surpassing 6 percent, which is remarkable for a large country. She expressed enthusiasm about the prospects this growth offers to Thales.

Sourisse further stated, "The aircraft orders by Air India and Indigo show that the civil aviation sector is growing and Thales is involved directly in civil aviation. First of all, we are a supplier of avionics solutions to Airbus and directly to airlines we supply inflight entertainment and connectivity solutions."

"So these announcements about very large orders are good signs that there are new opportunities that we can address. In addition to that, another sector that Thales is working in is the air traffic management domain. Air traffic management, obviously, will have new requirements since the number of aircraft is doing to the number of aircraft is going to vary significantly increase," she added.

Thales' Senior Executive Vice President said that they had already decided that India was a very strategic country for the group. So Thales has started to deploy competencies in India.

"Our presence in India is 70 years old. Our first experience in the country was in 1953 in the radar domain, and since then, we have expanded. We are about 2000 people today. Development of the civil aviation sector in India also demonstrates that it's a good idea for us to continue to expand in India and grow our presence." she said. (ANI)

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