Tel Aviv [Israel], March 5 (ANI/TPS): Israel's Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure invested, over the past year, 15 million Shekels (USD 4.2 million) for the transition to using sustainable energy in the Bedouin settlements in the Negev.

Among other things, the ministry supported in 2023 the establishment of renewable energy facilities in the territories of the Palestinian Authority and the replacement of old and wasteful energy systems in three educational institutions in the Bedouin communities in the Negev that are not connected to the electricity grid. The projects that will be established in the future will help the authorities to save on the budget and generate additional income as well as reduce air pollution.

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Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Eli Cohen: "We are committed to promoting sustainable energy all over Israel, including in the Bedouin settlements in the Negev. The grants provided under this program will help the local authorities establish projects for the production of renewable energy, improve the reliability of electricity supply and save costs. These projects will have a positive impact significantly on the quality of life of the residents, both environmentally and economically."

Among the projects that have already been completed is the installation of a solar energy production system in educational institutions in the settlement of Segev Shalom. In addition, with the support of the Ministry and the management of the Negev Mizrahi cluster of authorities, generators will soon be replaced in educational institutions in the Neve Mesbar council. The educational institutions are currently powered by polluting and expensive generators, which provide electricity only during the day. In the absence of electricity and lighting in the afternoon, many community activities are not possible. (ANI/TPS)

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