Tel Aviv [Israel], April 15 (ANI/TPS): Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection said it is prepared for the state of emergency declared by the Israel Defense Forces' Home Front Command in providing a response to environmental incidents in regards to the protection of factories during the ongoing emergency.

The ministry conducted a situational assessments as part of the country's preparations for another Iranian attack and the fear of damage to plants containing dangerous substances and to plants that have been declared essential by the ministry.

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The professionals of the Ministry of Environmental Protection assist in examining the compliance of plants containing hazardous substances with the instructions of the Home Front Command for safety protection. During a security emergency, the Home Front Command is the body responsible for the operation of security events, and under its responsibility is the protection of sites and factories that contain dangerous substances, damage to which could be a danger to the public and the environment.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection, which is the national guiding body for the handling of hazardous materials, accompanies the professionals in the Home Front Command and is prepared to respond to any environmental incident and support the Home Front Command regarding the preparation and protection of the factories, the functioning of the emergency teams, the inventory of hazardous materials, the functioning of the factories, etc.(ANI/TPS)

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