Tel Aviv [Israel], February 13 (ANI/TPS): Israeli soldiers continued their operations in the Gaza Strip as one combat team eliminated more than 30 Hamas terrorists during the past day, the Israel Defence Forces said.

In the last 24 hours, a combat team from the 7th Brigade operating in western Khan Yunis eliminated over 30 terrorists while carrying out raids on Hamas terror infrastructure, sniper ambushes and patrols.

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Also in West Khan Yunis, soldiers killed two terrorists who tried to move under the cover of the civilian population. When one of the terrorists was spotted pointing a gun at a protected Israeli military vehicle, troops reacted immediately and eliminated the terrorist.

In addition, in the Khan Yunis area, soldiers located several terrorists transporting cargo on a motorcycle. The fighters directed an air strike that eliminated the squad.

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Meanwhile, soldiers also directed attacks on two military depots located inside terrorists' houses.

In central Gaza, soldiers from Israel's Nahal Brigade eliminated about ten terrorists during the last day.

As part of the activity, the brigade's fire complex identified a terror squad that entered the building from which an anti-tank missile was fired at soldiers. A fighter jet was called in to eliminate the squad.

At least 1,200 people were killed and 240 Israelis and foreigners were taken hostage in Hamas's attacks on Israeli communities near the Gaza border on October 7. Of the remaining 134 hostages, Israel recently declared 31 of them dead. (ANI/TPS)

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