New Delhi [India], February 21 (ANI): The Secretary of State at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Poland, Wladyslaw T Bartoszewski, stressed on taking the India-Poland ties to the next level as there are multiple scope of cooperation between the two nations.

He further said that Poland would welcome skilled and hard-working labourers from India.

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Speaking to ANI, Bartoszewski said, "We have had relations for 70 years, we had established it in 1954. Now, it is time to move to a different level. We have a new government and we also want to engage with India more politically."

"Firstly, to have high-level political visits, as we have not had that for some years. India, being the largest democracy, we want to get India involved in world affairs because we share Indian values and we want you (India) to play a bigger role because you are not a small underdeveloped state, but a very well-developed state and fifth largest economy," he added.

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The Polish Secy elaborated upon the multiple areas where the two countries can collaborate, ranging from renewable energy, IT to pharmaceuticals.

"We want to cooperate on specific businesses; renewable energy projects, and high-tech because 9 per cent of India's GDP comes from It and 7 per cent of Polish GDP comes from IT, transportation, agriculture, mining, and pharmaceuticals," Bartoszewski said.

He added, "There is a lot of scope for cooperation, in the cultural sphere, getting more Indian tourists to move to Poland. There is a small Indian diaspora in Poland. We also want to have more frequent flights so we can get more Polish tourists in India...there are lots of things we can do together."

On being asked about the Free Trade Agreement between India and the European Union, he said the grouping has 27 nations, but Poland individually is engaging with India on multiple levels.

"We have smaller formats. For instance, we have got Three Seas initiative, which brings thirteen countries from north of Europe, in which we are playing a big part and incorporating India's interests," he said.

On the prospects of Indian workers getting the opportunity to work in Poland as skilled or unskilled labourers, the Polish Secretary of State said, "We would certainly welcome them. We need hard-working but skilled workers...Indian community certainly offers that. We also want to cooperate in this industry, and that also means an exchange of people."

India and Poland share warm and friendly bilateral ties.

During 'Operation Ganga', Poland helped in the evacuation of Indian students from Ukraine after the crisis broke out between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022. (ANI)

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