Tokyo [Japan], January 1: After the powerful earthquake and aftershocks on Monday, more than 32,500 homes in Japan's Ishikawa prefecture are without power, CNN reported citing Hokuriku Electric Power. Tsunami warnings have been issued along the coastal areas of western Japan. Furthermore, people have been urged to evacuate after an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 struck the region.

Speaking to CNN, Suzu city officials in Japan's Ishikawa prefecture have said that buildings have been damaged after the quake and there are reports of injuries. According to Suzu police, they have received several reports regarding people being trapped in their houses, CNN reported citing NHK. The police and fire department are making efforts to assess the situation. Tsunami Warning in Japan: Tokyo Lowers Its Tsunami Alert but Still Tells People Not To Go Home After a Series of Earthquakes On New Year's Day 2024

Wajima city in Ishikawa prefecture has reported tsunami waves of around 1.2 metres, CNN reported, citing Japanese public broadcaster NHK. The waves were reported to have struck around 4:21 pm (local time). There were no immediate reports of damage. A number of other areas along the Japan's western coast have reported tsunami waves less than 1 meter, including Toyama city, Kashiwazaki, Kanazawa port, Tobishima island and Sado island. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the city of Noto in Ishikawa prefecture remains under a major tsunami warning with waves of around 5 meters expected.

Under Japan's tsunami warning system, waves expected less than 1 meter fall under "tsunami advisory. Waves expected above 3 meters fall under "tsunami warning" and waves expected above 5 metres fall under "major tsunami warning." After the earthquake that hit Japan on Monday, some services of Shinkansen bullet trains have been suspended, CNN reported citing train operator JR East. The JR Hokuriku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines have been suspended as of 6:50 pm (local time), according to train operator JR East. It further said that services on other lines also facing delays.

The Japan PM Office also issued instructions amid the pressing situation.It asked the officials to provide timely and accurate information to the public regarding the tsunami and evacuation and take thorough measures to prevent damage, such as the evacuation of residents. "Assess the state of affairs regarding damage as soon as possible," it said. The Japan PM Office further asked the officials to act in close coordination with local governments and under the principle of prioritising human life above all else. Japan Issues Tsunami Warnings and Tells Residents To Evacuate After a Series of Very Strong Earthquakes On New Year's Day 2024 (Watch Videos)

"Spare no effort in our emergency disaster responses, including saving lives and rescuing disaster victims, with the Government working as one," it added. Meanwhile, Japan's weather agency warned that the aftershocks could continue over the next three days to a week following a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck near Ishikawa prefecture on Monday afternoon, triggering tsunami warnings.

The agency called on people to remain cautious of potential building collapses and possible landslides where heavy shaking was experienced. According to the agency, aftershocks have occurred in a wide area, CNN reported. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said at least 14 smaller aftershocks were reported near the region where the earthquake hit on Monday.

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